The age old dilemma­– your old, trusty computer gets slower and slower until one day it finally dies. You look around for a new machine, but the price tags leave you wondering if repairing the old machine is a better decision. There are some nuances in making this decision. Purchasing a new computer can come at a big cost, but depending on the part you need to replace, individual part repairs can be expensive too.

The Power of Modular Parts

Most computers use a limited number of parts, including interfaces, sockets and plugs. Most parts will fit into most machines. This makes everything a lot easier! If you decipher the specific part that is to blame for your malfunction, you can purchase a new part and insert it into the good parts that remain. The cost of the individual parts is much cheaper than buying a whole new machine.

The Youtube ‘Computer Repair’ Shop

We all love a good DIY youtube tutorial, don’t we? Even though youtube and other support websites offer solutions to most computer issues be careful taking matters into your own hands. Fixing your home computer can be tricky so take your time in exploring a variety of sources to ensure you have a solid understanding of the options available to make the repair. When in doubt, call us! Our remote support is better than Youtube’s DIY tutorials and you can count on us to have done all of the home work ahead of time 🙂

Sometimes It’s Just Not Worth the Time or Money to Repair

Occasionally you will run into an instance when the cost of the parts, the time it takes to repair, or the age of the machine are just not worth it. In this case, you do not need to get the newest, greatest computer. Get a big case, a solid CPU and the included operating system. Everything else can be upgraded, piece by piece. Many computer companies also sell refurbished machines that are used but have been professionally repaired and upgraded by their tech gurus, and sold at a discounted price.

If you’re on the fence on how best to fix your next computer challenge call us! The Right Click is happy to help you make the right decision for you and your computer.