If you weren’t aware of the implementation of the GDPR, your inbox was inundated with privacy policy updates until you were. Do you need to carve out a weekend to read every updated privacy policy? No. Should you still take special precautions in the wake of this legislation? Absolutely. Your safety and privacy is our priority at The Right Click, and now more than ever, we’re working to ensure you’re equipped with the knowledge and support to keep your information secure.

The GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, ensures all businesses operating in the European Union protect the data of its customers. Instead of freely collecting data—and only giving you the option to opt out—the GDPR instead requires you to opt in to sharing your personal information. Though it was originally implemented to protect European citizens, there’s plenty of crossover in American companies that do business overseas. In one way or another, your data is affected.

And although corporations face hefty fines for breaches of your privacy, the GDPR doesn’t necessarily mean all of your data is secure after May 25th. Instead, this piece of legislation should remind consumers to pay closer attention to the information they’re giving in exchange for free services like Facebook and Google.

For you, the consumer, the GDPR not only protects your data but also gives you rights in how you give (and taketh away) that data. Corporations are now required to clearly inform you of when your information is being collected, and they’re also required to delete or remove that information when you see fit.

A good first step to protecting yourself is knowing the exact information you’ve shared with a corporation. Submit a Subject Access Request (SAR) to any affected organization and they’re legally required to respond within thirty days. You’re then free to request the change or removal of any information as you see fit.

Though the implementation of GDPR brings strengthened safety measures, it probably has made you contemplate just how much of your information is out there. If you have any questions about your data and how it’s used, reach out to our experts and we’ll work with you to protect your safety, privacy, and peace of mind.